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We are the death wobble experts

If you’ve ever owned a solid front axle vehicle with a lift kit over 2 inches, you know what this terrifying phrase means. We fix that. If you suffer from bump steer, wandering, jerking, or pulling in your steering, this may be the result of worn components, or incorrect geometry in your steering and suspension. Since this is what we do every day, it is much easier to diagnose and repair than in your driveway at home.  But that doesn’t mean we can teach you how to do it right the next time! 

Although this is just one of so many services we offer, it is certainly where we shine!

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Death wobble diagnosis and repair

Have you ever hit a bump and it scare the S*%t out of you? Did you think your Jeep or pickup was possessed the first time you learned what DW (death wobble) was? Has a stupid bridge on a curve have you wishing you brought extra undies? Me too, and I hated it, so I learned how to find out what causes the dreaded Death Wobble, fix it, and make my Jeep ride like a Caddy.


steering upgrades

My grandfather always told me that rubber is the best insurance you can buy for a vehicle. Well, next up in my book is steering. If you are running 35’s or larger, the factory components on your Jeeps steering system are going to be under a lot more pressure with the added weight of larger tires and wheels.  Don’t be a statistic! Let the bugs a&* be the last thing that goes through its mind as it hits your windshield. Don’t be the bug.


lift kits and custom suspension systems

Just like steering components, your springs, control arms, ball  joints, and other parts of the suspension may not cut when you decide to start customizing. With all of these parts, you will find a black hole of options. We LOVE getting to know you and what’s IMPORTANT TO YOU so you don’t buy or install something you won’t like or need. Don’t let us SELL you ANYTHING! We want to solve a problem and earn your business. It’s a lifestyle!



ls swaps

The aftermarket has made LS V8 swaps a kid in a candy store and we have a sweet tooth! If you have a TJ, CJ, Willy’s, Square body, classic pickup, or heck we’ll even pump up a Samuri or Taco Truggy. This upgrade costs a few benji’s but boy, SMILES PER GALLON BABY! Because who’s going to remember 39.5 MPG’s anyways???


custom lighting and accessory wiring and installation

Do you eat cake without icing? Maybe, I won’t judge, but you know where we’re going with this.  If you want lights, cameras, and some action, then let us get your rig in the spotlight with some one of a kind touches that will make you smile and look over your shoulder every time you have to walk away from her. I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave….


putting together the team work to make your dream work

Do you have a vision and a little change but don’t know where to start? We do! Well,  we find change in our carpet when take it out in the spring for National Jeep Go Topless Day (May 15 in case you didn’t know). Now when it comes to vision, we have a dreamer on board that would love to sit down and work on a build list, budget, time line, and maybe even draw you up a sketch Chip Foose style.


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